THON 2024

Dear Phi Sigma Kappa Alumni,

It’s the holiday season and there is no better time to donate to THON than now!


THON has always been a very significant and memorable event for our alumni and current active members. We wanted to share some information with you about our three wonderful THON families and one of our actives who just beat cancer.

Our first family is a longtime THON child, Janae Wasser, who has been with us for over ten years. She has been in remission for over fifteen years and has an adorable daughter Avalyn, who is just as much a part of the family as Janae. Avalyn turns four in January, and we can’t wait to celebrate her birthday. We were excited to hear about Janae’s recent engagement to her fiancé, Mason, at a “Tangled” themed lantern festival, one of Janae’s favorite things. Janae absolutely loves her family and baking with the THON chairs every winter.

Our second family is Cameron Zeger, who has been partnered with Trilogy and Phi Sigma Kappa for the past four years, Cameron was thrilled to attend his very first THON this past year. In the years prior, he was in active treatment and couldn’t join us at THON. He loved playing with the Phi Sigma Kappa brothers, spraying them with water guns, and meeting everyone! He also really enjoys video games and Scooby-Doo. Cameron went into remission in April of 2022, so we’re approaching his two-year anniversary of being in remission and we can’t wait to celebrate with him! We’re looking forward to more events with Cameron and his family.

Our last family is Willow Maurer, our newest THON child, is 6 years old and full of life! She was diagnosed in December 2021 and has been in active treatment since then. With the support of her wonderful parents, Megan and Seth, and her older sister, Brielle, she’s come a long way and is headed on the road to remission. Both Willow and Brielle are sweet girls that love animals and hanging out with each other. Some of Willows favorite things include tacos, crafting, horseback riding, and watching movies with her big sis favorite colors, blue and rainbow. This past year was her first THON with Trilogy and Phi Sig, and we can’t wait for many more years with the Maurer’s.

One last person we would like to mention is Andrew Boyle. Andrew is currently a sophomore and is an active brother of Phi Sigma Kappa. Last March Andrew was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and went through sixteen weeks of intense chemotherapy over the summer. He has now been in remission for almost 90 days! Andrew enjoys spending time at the house with his brothers and has talked about how the support of Phi Sigma Kappa helped him get through some difficult times during his treatment.

Over the next few weeks, we will have matching days where each donation that is made is matched until funds run out. Please keep a lookout for announcements on Facebook and on our LinkedIn about when these days are.

At the end of this message, we will have the link to donate for THON that will directly benefit the house! We hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday season.


Phi Sigma Kappa THON Donation

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