Early ’70s Reunion

Over the weekend, about 25 brothers were in attendance at a reunions from grad years ranging from the class of 1970 to 1976.  At least a dozen wives were also in attendance. We had a special toast for all of us there and those unable to attend.  Toastmaster was Brother Denny “Too Many” Hullmann (’73).  Special shot glasses were made, and we enjoyed 58 year old Jim Beam whiskey from the Phi Sig 100th anniversary decanter.

Seen in the picture below from left:  1). Steve (Sky) Yorks, 2) Craig (Mello) Melidosian, 3) Steve “Jobber” Handwerk, 4). Jeff Schneider, 5) Dennis “Otis” Wist, 6) Ed “Bucky” Buchan, 7) Steu “Gar” Brown, 8) Bruce Balmat, 9) Jeff Brugler, 10) Bruce Best, 11) John Wall, 12) John Eisley, 13) Rick “WAX” Jillaba, 14). Bill “Giant” Albertson, 15) Tim Edinger, 16) Denny “Too Many” Hullmann, and 17) Tom “Staz” Staszewski.  Not seen are John Flinchbaugh, Bill Warfel, John “Bison” Robison, Jack Johns, Tom “Big Daddy” Rohrbach, Bob “Pele” Withrow, Randy “Kulpy” Kulp, and Lee” Little Buddy” Bellinger.  Unable to attend were Bob “Little Daddy” Rohrbach, Ed “Pesky” Pescatore, and Jim Durfee.

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